Sunday, June 19, 2005

Beautiful skies on the way back home :) Posted by Hello
Isn't that face creepy? :) (Herculane) Posted by Hello
(Unfortunately) decayed building in Herculane - one of many ex-beautiful-now-decayed ones ... Posted by Hello
Mountains in Herculane :) Posted by Hello
Church in Orsova :) :) Posted by Hello
St. Ana monastery, near Orsova :) (back there the Danube lies :) ) Posted by Hello
The central park in Tg.Jiu (where some of Brancusi masterpieces are - the Table of Silence can be seen here :) ) Posted by Hello
A water-lily :) (my hometown) Posted by Hello
Beautiful :) (Bucharest) Posted by Hello
A "spring" in Cismigiu (the background is to be ignored...) (Bucharest) Posted by Hello
A "waterfall" in Cismigiu (Bucharest) Posted by Hello
In front of the Art Museum (in Bucharest of course :) ) - ain't she beautiful? :) Posted by Hello
Self explanatory? :) Posted by Hello
And another one :P Posted by Hello
The Atheneum itself (a beautiful building :) ) Posted by Hello
Another ornament behind the Atheneum :) Posted by Hello
The things seen in Bucharest that I loved most: the ornaments behind the Atheneum - they look just like sculpted eagles who decided to take flight and partly took off :) :) beautiful to watch :)


3rd Posted by Hello
The greenness of the country-side :P Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Taking over ... :P Posted by Hello
Sunset :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Animals ornamenting the front of the same cathedral (winged and with hooves)

and another one, uglier but with no hooves :)

contrasting with a peaceful ornament on the side :) (the writing says "ego devs tvvs salvator tvvs" which in my scarce Latin means "I your God and your saviour") Posted by Hello
More details of the last post: the front-right (notice the white dove :) )

more details of the front part

and another  Posted by Hello