Friday, August 17, 2007

Pink and Wet

Garden in the Rain

They Are Among Us

Head in the Clouds

The Horse Visited Frankfurt Too

... not that one can tell from this pic :)

Bad Pics, Nice Memories

Taken in the subway station corresponding to the Zoo :)

Even More Frankfurt Pics

In the last one you can see a part of the Silver Tower :)

A Building I Should Know But Don't


And More


A Crooked Picture ...

...of a beautiful city :)

The Bear...

... in front of the Stock Exchange

Strong Backs

I'm so in love with this kind of balcony support :)

Best Friends


I'm just an addict


I can't resist ornamented buildings :P

Frankfurt Opera - more details

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Frankfurt Opera - details

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Franfurt Opera

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Deutsche Bank towers

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The old and the new once more

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The old and the new

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More Skyscrapers

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