Saturday, April 30, 2005

More flowers :) (it's their season, right? :) ) Posted by Hello
The spring has arrived :) (at long last :) (yes I know it's almost May... :) ) ) Posted by Hello
Another one :) Posted by Hello
back to my passion: building ornaments :P Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Three of my squirrel pics :) (taken in Buzias also)

They're soo friendly :)

This one is a little more zoomed than it should have been, so it's a bit unclear - but I like the pose :) Posted by Hello
A bridge in Buzias :) Posted by Hello
The spring is here (at last :) ) Posted by Hello
Blue and paralel lines :)  Posted by Hello
Back with another ornamented building :) Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

details of the same building

a bit unclear...

but still ...

interesting :P  Posted by Hello
there goes another decayed detail...  Posted by Hello
History was made here :) Posted by Hello
dark broken lines again :) Posted by Hello
small flower :) Posted by Hello
Over a hundred years old :) Posted by Hello
another bad picture but interesting ornaments :) Posted by Hello
A hundred years old building :) Posted by Hello
Lion and a face  Posted by Hello
Another old ornament :) Posted by Hello
A statue of Gh. Doja  Posted by Hello
a more recent ornament :) (or at least recently restored :) ) Posted by Hello
a peacock? (and notice the small owl to the right - there's also one to the left, but it's barely visible :) ) Posted by Hello
Back with more building ornaments :)  Posted by Hello